Dune Manual And Sign

So you or your community group or town are looking to build or restore the dunes along the beaches in your area, and you are looking for information to help you do a great job?

The Dune Manual answers a variety of questions that we have heard from people and groups like you. It will include brief answers to those questions from experts in the area and links to more resources.

Among the issues we will address are: permits and permissions, preparing a dune for planting, what to plant when, where and how; what not to plant, amendments to increase the success of your plantings, and sources of native plants for your restoration.

We hope that you find this useful as you work to rebuild or build stable, attractive dunes to protect your home or community from future storm damage.

Please take time to review this manual. If you have comments or questions please email Dr. Peter Rowe.

Print copies are available upon request. They can be ordered at cost for $20 each. Please download the PDF form here, or contact New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium at 732-872-1300 ext 10.

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Dune Sign

New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium also offers a Dune sign. It not only informs passerby to stay off the dunes but explains why. Municipal officials interested in obtaining these signs can contact the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium at 732-872-1300 ext 10.


Dune Manual: Table of Contents

Dune Manual: Full Edition

Introduction and Acknowledgements

Getting Started with Dunes

Basic Dune Physical Characteristics

Engineering of Dunes

Dune Ecology: Beaches and Primary Dunes

Dune Ecology: Secondary Dunes and Beyond

Building and Planting Coastal Sand Dunes: Dune Vegetation

Building and Planting Coastal Sand Dunes: Frontal Dune Species

Building and Planting Coastal Sand Dunes: Back Dune Species

Building and Planting Coastal Sand Dunes: Trees and Shrubs on Back Dunes

Prohibited Species: What NOT to Plant

Planting Amendments and Dune Maintenance

Conclusions and Next Steps


Cape May PMC Plant Suppliers List

Grower Address

*Updated 7/19/2016

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