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The New Year is just around the corner. Can we count on you to support our mission to steward New Jersey’s marine and coastal environment?


In 2022-2023, contributions from important donors like you allowed us to:

  • Provided nearly 20,000 schoolchildren from over 30 different legislative districts the opportunity to experience unique hands-on experiential learning through our robust education programs.
  • Dispersed nearly 80,000 NJ Fish and Wildlife marine recreational fishing regulation cards and posters to over 280 marinas and bait shops throughout the State, from over 24 different legislative districts.
  • Influenced more than 140 marinas to have operating pumpout stations (including eight pumpout boats) thanks to NJSGC’s involvement with the New Jersey Clean Vessel Act Program.
  • Hosted major public outreach events, including: Ocean Fun DaysState of the Shore, NJSGC’s annual Favorite Beaches ceremony, and our popular “Jersey Shore” photo contest.
  • Created new professional development opportunities for both students and educators including Communications and Extension Internships, an Shellfish Aquaculture Student Apprenticeship Program, and Professional Development Workshops.

We remain steadfast in our dedication to serving as a source of unbiased coastal education, research, and outreach in New Jersey. Here are just a few goals that  your donations will help us reach:  

  • Education for a Sustainable Future: Equip our students with the tools to explore and understand the impact of microplastics on our oceans with the Microplastic Toolkit and unleash the wonders of microscopic exploration in our classrooms. Your contribution will empower the next generation of environmental stewards, fostering a deep connection to our planet. 
  • Innovative Research: Fund New Jersey’s scientists that supports clean water, resilient shorelines, healthy fisheries, and a climate-ready New Jersey;
  • Infrastructure Improvement Projects: Our historic office, standing for a century, is a symbol of resilience. However, time has taken its toll. Your support will breathe new life into this space, ensuring it remains a center of community engagement, collaboration, and growth for generations to come.
  • ​​New Picnic Tables for Meeting and Learning: We’re excited to embark on a project that will transform our outdoor spaces into dynamic hubs for meetings, workshops, and collaborative learning.

With your support, we can continue to work hard to promote the wise use of New Jersey’s marine and coastal resources through research, education, and outreach. To make a year-end, tax-deductible contribution to NJSGC for 2023, please scan the code below or visit our website. If mail is preferred, please mail your contribution to:  

Deborah Meehan Quinn
New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium
22 Magruder Road
Fort Hancock, NJ 07732

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