Virtual Learning Programs at NJSGC

Let us help you make learning fun with our new virtual programs! Travel through the internet to the coast and learn in-depth about New Jersey’s marine and coastal ecosystems in an intimate, small-group setting. Taught LIVE by our experienced environmental education staff, New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium offers a variety of opportunities to engage students, scouts, and learners of all ages. Lively presentations, demonstrations, experiments and games encourage student interaction and spark their curiosity on topics that are designed to excite while meeting educator’s curricular needs, scout leader’s requirements or families’ interests. Not a school or scout group? No problem! Learning pods and families are welcome to reserve any of the programs that are seen below.

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For additional lesson plans, worksheets, and remote learning initiatives, please visit our “Resources for Educators” webpage.


Ocean Hazards: Sharks vs. Rip Currents – Even though sharks are often seen as the most dangerous and life-threatening inhabitants of the ocean, children really love learning about them. Rip currents are more common and actually can be more of a hazard to bathers. Students learn about shark ecology and what makes them an important apex predator in the marine environment. Rip current mechanics are discussed as students learn how to spot them from the beach and safely escape if they are caught in one. Students test their knowledge as they work in teams in a Jeopardy-style game that compares the aspects of these two marine “inhabitants.” This 60-minute program is suitable for grades 2-12.
Fee: For a limited time available at no cost thanks to a grant from Investors Foundation.

Coastal Ecosystems – Based on our most popular and comprehensive field trip, Marsh & Ocean Environments, students learn about the estuaries, maritime forests, and barrier beaches found at Gateway National Recreation Area and the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary. Explore the importance of the plants and animals found there, and how human interactions with these environments can both positively and negatively impact them.  Discover the concepts of watersheds and marine food webs through a lively interactive and game-enhanced presentation.
Fee: $100

Magnifying Plastics – Join NJSGC Education staff for this fun, informative and interactive learning experience that promotes awareness of plastics in the marine environment. Students will learn about the worldwide issues concerning plastic use and what they can do to stop its harmful effects. Explore the densities of common household plastic items, and why it is important to recycle, reuse, repurpose and refuse plastic items. Students play a game to learn about the environmental degradation time of various household items that will surprise them, and in the end will gain an understanding of responsibility and stewardship for ocean environments. This 60-minute program is suitable for grade levels 5-12.
Fee: $150

Terrific Terrapins – Meet New Jersey’s estuarine turtles, the Northern Diamondback Terrapin, in this fun program that teaches students why these animals are so unique and important to our coastal ecosystems. Students will participate in an interactive presentation with a LIVE Northern Diamondback Terrapin to answer questions about and discover this reptile’s adaptations, anatomy, habitat, and more. Students will also learn about the impacts humans are having on terrapin populations, and what some local groups and scientists are doing to help protect this charming turtle. This 45-60 minute program is suitable for grades 3-6 and could be adapted for grades K-2.
Fee:  $100

Save Our Troubled Ocean – Are your students ready to accept the challenge? In this escape-room style program, children explore how a changing climate is affecting Earth’s natural habitats. Working in teams to answer challenging science-based questions, students will solve fun puzzles and riddles to save sea turtles, blue crabs, and humans from the many threats our ocean face today. Discover how climate change, ocean acidification, plastics and other human impacts threaten our ocean ecosystems. Students will also learn solutions to these many impacts, and have hope for the future as they complete the challenge during this fun interactive game. This 60-minute program is suitable for grades 4-12.
Fee: $150

Contact Mindy Voss, Education Specialist at [email protected] or 732-872-1300, extension 30 for more information, or fill out a Reservation Request form HERE! 

Note to Educators: All virtual K-12 Programs support New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Science and can be modified for age-appropriateness and learning abilities. Programs are 60 minutes and can be adjusted to fit class schedules. Each program accommodates 1 class of up to 25 students. All fees are non-refundable and are due in full at the time of purchase.


Hiker – Why just walk when you can HIKE and learn about the environment around you? This virtual program is designed for scouts and families alike who wish to explore nature, whether in a park, in the mountains, at the shore, or your own backyard. Hiking basics are covered such as safety, what to wear and bring on a hike, and what to do if you get lost. Beginner hikers will learn the code language of trail marking so others know where you have gone – or where you want them to go. Learn how to be a “Nature Detective,” using clues animals leave behind such as paw prints or scat. A fun matching game teaches new hikers to identify the typical plants, trees, insects, and animals that might be encountered, and a Jeopardy-style game (included in the instructor-led program only) is a challenging way to test your nature knowledge. Printable handouts to take along will help you remember these secrets, including hiking information and nature identification. When combined with an actual hike, this program meets the Girl Scout “Hiking” badge requirements, is an excellent primer for the Boy Scout “Hiking” merit badge, and contributes to other outdoor Cub and Girl scout badges.

The Hiker program is offered with two options:

  1. Recorded narrated presentation: Each purchase includes an instructional video(via non-sharable link) and printable materials. The video link will remain live for 3 weeks only. Individual: $20 per person.
    Troop/Group discount: $125 for up to 12 people (must provide email addresses for recipients); additional orders are $10 each.
  1. Instructor-led presentation:Includes live interactive Zoom presentation, Jeopardy-style game, and printable materials.  Scheduling available on troop/group preferred dates.
    Troop/Group:  $150 for up to 10 participants; additional participants are $12 per person.

Contact Jody Sackett, Scout Program Coordinator at [email protected] or 732-872-1300, extension 20 for more information, or fill out a Reservation Request form HERE! 



Many of the virtual programs above can be modified for more mature audiences, families, learning pods, and the general public. 45-60 minute presentations; prices indicated above.

Recorded narrated presentations like “Hiker” are ideal for Family Learning, as they can be cost-effective and are applicable to a wide range of ages, abilities, and interests.  When combined with the suggested actual local hike, it’s a marvelous way to learn about nature while getting exercise in any season.

Please contact NJSGC’s Education Department at [email protected]