Use these lesson plans and fact sheets to bring the Harbor into your classroom.

Introduction to Estuaries:
This lesson contains background information needed to present an introductory lecture on estuaries including the environmental and economic benefits they provide. A simulation game for students based on estuaries is included. (pdf)

Geography of the Harbor:
During this lesson, students learn about the boundaries of the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary and gain experience with several types of maps of the area. (pdf)

Estuarine Metaphors:
Common objects are used as metaphors to recall specific facts about the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary. This lesson is well suited for use as an assessment tool. (pdf)

Harbor Estuary in a Pan:
Demonstrate the impact human activities can have on water-based habitats including the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary and the Atlantic Ocean using a simple model. (pdf)

Protect-it Pictionary
Our version of the popular game of Pictionary will build your students’ stewardship skills. (pdf)

Hidden Treasures Activity Book
Print out this fun and informative booklet for your students. (pdf)

A Salty Experiment:
Conduct this hands-on experiment with your students to demonstrate how salt and fresh water layer and mix in our estuaries. (pdf)

Teacher Packet: Contains guidelines, directions and other information to help you prepare your class for their NY/NJ Harbor fieldtrip. (pdf)

Harbor Literacy Points: Brought to you by the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance and Harbor Education Task Force, the Harbor Literacy Points is designed for educators, students and the public and presents interactive learning on urban waterways.

Fact Sheets:

Key Species:

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