The Coastal Experience

K-12 Field Programs

The Coastal Experience is NJSGC’s collection of marine science field trips for school-aged children. Programs are offered year round and all programs include active, hands-on participation in marine science activities. Coastal Experience programs are:

Fill out our field trip reservation form HERE! Also feel free to contact the NJSGC Education Department at or by phone at (732) 872-1300, ext. 13.

Programs support many of New Jersey’s Student Learning Standards. See individual program descriptions for specific citations.

Go to Resources for Educators and Group Leaders for pre-trip materials including guidelines, driving directions and suggested lesson plans and other materials for classroom use.

More information on NJSGC’s field trip refund and cancellation policy is available here.


A group of students from the Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) graduating class of 2018 focused their Senior Capstone Project on creating informational “how to” videos for New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium. These short and easy-to-follow tutorials were specifically designed for NJSGC’s education program, but are an extremely useful tool for anyone interested in learning more about general marine science topics including beach dunes, seining, and common mollusks.