Underwater Exploration

This exciting new 3-hour program takes place at Jenkinson’s Aquarium in Point Pleasant and is suitable for students from grades 5-12. It is recommended for groups of up to 20 students and provides an introduction to underwater exploration using remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs). The program is divided into three parts: introduction and hands-on activities, building and testing ROVs of students’ designs, and operating an ROV in an exhibit tank to observe resident sea life.

Check back soon for future dates!

Through discussion and instruction, NJSGC and Aquarium instructors will cover the following key concepts during the introduction and activities:

  • Why we explore the ocean
  • History of ocean exploration
  • Various technologies used
  • Density
  • Buoyancy
  • Formulating design of an ROV

Students will participate in the following activities while building, testing and operating ROVs:

  • Identifying a challenge (i.e., how to build an underwater vehicle to meet certain criteria)
  • Exploring materials used to construct ROVs
  • Creating ROVs of their own design
  • Testing their ROV design
  • Improving and modifying their ROV designs

Students will be able to operate a pre-built ROV in one of the aquarium’s exhibit tanks as they:

  • Generate data to analyze species diversity
  • Evaluate the “health” of the tank’s coral community
  • Gain experience in using ROVs in real-world situations

This program supports New Jersey Student Learning Standards 3-5-ETS1, MS-ETS1 and HS-ETS1.

Cost is $500 for up to 20 students, each additional student $20, 24 students maximum. Available dates for programs are limited. For further information, contact Diana Burich at 732-872-1300, extension 16.