Scout Field Trip Programs

The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) offers a variety of field trip programs designed for boy and girl scout  troops of all ages.  These two-hour programs are held at our Sandy Hook facility and are led by experienced NJSGC environmental educators.  Each program offers the opportunity to explore the marine environment in a fun and educational way.  All scout field trip programs cost $145 for up to 10 people.  All children must pay (scouts and non-scouts).  Additional participants are $14.50 each, up to a maximum of 25 people per group. Group rates are available. Equipment and materials are provided for each program, and every participant will receive a Fun Patch.

Consider reserving a program during a school vacations too!  We are open all summer long, as well as many school vacation days such as Teacher’s Convention, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Midwinter Break, Spring Break, and Memorial Day.  If your scout troop is off from school, it just might be the perfect time to schedule a field trip.

For more information or to book a scout field trip program, please contact Jody Sackett at 732-872-1300, ext. 20, or email at [email protected].

Available programs are:

Secrets of the Salt Marsh

Explore the most productive ecosystem on earth – the Salt Marsh!  We’ll meet at Fort Hancock and discover the history behind the old military fort here, then visit our laboratory to view the various marine creatures living in our many aquariums at NJSGC. We will go seining (fishing net and chest wader boots provided) to observe fish and other marine organisms native to Sandy Hook Bay.  Using a sieve and shovel, we will uncover bottom dwelling organisms from the sediments of Sandy Hook Bay.  Scouts will learn about local seashells as we create our own collections to take home.  While hiking, scouts will learn about marsh vegetation, marine life, and Sandy Hook.

Sea Shell Science

Scouts will learn about local seashells during this program, including the animals that made the shells and their biological stories. Each scout will “make and take” a seashell collection and enjoy a beach hike while observing marine vegetation and the dunes. A shell craft can be included upon advance request (time permitting).

On Sandy Shores

Explore how beach sand is “made” while investigating the many fascinating properties of sand and the surrounding geology. While hiking on the beach, scouts will collect seashells for their collections, as well as sand samples to view under microscopes. Activities also include examining sand from all over the world in our laboratory, and making sand sample cards to take home.

Native Ways

Native Americans lived in New Jersey centuries before the colonists.  We will explore how the Lenape lived and thrived on Sandy Hook by discovering local plants and animals used by Native Americans along with examples of tools used by the Lenape in their everyday life.  Scouts will take on the roles of Lenape children as they try their hand at authentic survival skills through activities and games.  Each scout will also make an Arrowhead Necklace to bring home.

Happiness is a Horseshoe Crab

Often called a “living fossil,” this program focuses on the fascinating horseshoe crab. Through indoor and outdoor hands-on activities, scouts will learn about  the care, importance, and unique habits of this amazing blue-blooded animal. Each scout will “make and take” a crab model (time permitting). For younger scouts, a story may be included.