Underwater Exploration

This exciting new 3-hour program takes place at Jenkinson’s Aquarium in Point Pleasant and is suitable for students from grades 5-12. It is recommended for small groups (18-20 maximum) and provides an introduction to underwater exploration using remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs). The program is divided into three parts: introduction and hands-on activities, building and testing ROVs of students’ designs, and operating an ROV in an exhibit tank to observe resident sea life .

Through discussion and instruction, NJSGC and Aquarium instructors will cover the following key concepts during the introduction and activities:

  • Why we explore the ocean
  • History of ocean exploration
  • Various technologies used
  • Density
  • Buoyancy
  • Formulating design of an ROV

Students will participate in the following activities while building, testing and operating ROVs:

  • Identifying a challenge (i.e., how can we build an underwater vehicle to meet certain criteria)
  • Exploring materials used to construct ROVs
  • Creating ROVs of their own design
  • Testing their ROV design
  • Improving and modifying their ROV designs

Students will be able to operate a pre-built ROV in one of the aquarium’s exhibit tanks as they:

  • Generate data to analyze species diversity
  • Evaluate the “health” of the tank’s coral community
  • Gain experience in using ROVs in real-world situations

This program supports Next Generation Science Standards MS-ETS1 and HS-ETS1-2.

Cost is $400 for up to 18 students, each additional student $20, 24 students maximum. For further information visit (insert webpage here). Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. Contact Diana Burich at 732-872-1300, extension 16 for reservations.