Support the Consortium

Contributions from donors and supporters like you continue to allow us to:
  • Support marine and coastal research (including social science) directed towards promoting healthy coastal ecosystems, sustainable fisheries/aquaculture, resilience communities/economies, and environmental literacy/workforce development throughout coastal New Jersey.
    –     Current research project partnerships include “Enhancing Bivalve Aquaculture” (Rutgers), “Managing for Biodiversity in the Face of Sea-Level Rise” (Montclair), “Quantifying Effects of a Changing Climate on Summer Flounder” (Rutgers), etc.
  • Uphold a standard of excellence. NJSGC was recently recognized by the National Sea Grant College Program with two “Best Practices,” our comprehensive Dune Manual and Scouts Program.
  • Promote major public outreach events, including Ocean Fun Days, State of the Shore, and NJSGC’s “Favorite Beaches” poll.
  • Initiate studies to improve storm warning messaging and increase public likelihood to heed those messages.
    –     NJSGC helped launch Monmouth County’s “High Water Mark Initiative” as part of a national collaboration with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
  • Integrate sustainability, resilience, and storm preparedness topics into our teacher training activities so that New Jersey’s educators can pass along these important messages to their students.
    –     Members of NJSGC’s education staff regularly attend and present at science teach conventions throughout the state.
  • Provide direct instruction to nearly 35,000 citizens, including 20,000 schoolchildren, on a broad range of environmental topics through our coastal education programs.
    –     NJSGC’s Rip Current Awareness Program popularized the interactive beach ocean hazards and beach safety game, “Rip Currents vs. Sharks.”