We’re Hiring

August 18th, 2023

NJSGC is looking for a K-12 Program Coordinator to ensure quality and growth of our K-12 Program. The K-12 Program consists of “The Coastal Experience,” NJSGC’s on-site seasonal field trip offerings for school-aged children in grades kindergarten through high school. The K-12 Program Coordinator is responsible for all clerical, customer, and teaching support for the K-12 Program, state and national standards-aligned curriculum development to enhance program offerings and maintaining a safe and effective work environment. The candidate serves as lead educator for other NJSGC programs (summer camp, in-school programs), represents NJSGC at outreach events and assists in the development and implementation of educator professional development workshops. The K-12 Program Coordinator will directly support the Director of Education to further NJSGC’s vision and goals, and also plays an integral role in carrying out other grant-funded education projects. As a member of the Education Program at NJSGC, the K-12 Program Coordinator will collaborate with the National Sea Grant College Program’s nationwide network of educators to further ocean and climate literacy and foster environmental stewardship.

Job application period CLOSED.