Ocean Hazards and Beach Safety: Sharks Vs. Rip Currents Programs Are Now Available

March 24th, 2023

Attention schools, libraries and community groups in Monmouth and Ocean County: FREE Ocean Hazards and Beach Safety: Sharks vs. Rip Currents programs are available! With summer less than 100 days away, New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium would like to remind all beachgoers about the importance of staying safe at the beach. Our Rip Current Awareness Program’s Ocean Hazards and Beach Safety: Sharks vs. Rip Currents presentation educates learners of all ages about the perils of rip currents and how to stay safe when faced with one. 

Mindy Voss, Education Specialist, presents the sharks vs. rip currents program to a group of interested students.

We all know rip currents can be dangerous, but are they more dangerous than SHARKS? Find out with a lively presentation and interactive Jeopardy-style game that compares rip current mechanics and safe practices to shark biology and ecology, participants gain knowledge and insight that will help to keep them safe while enjoying the beach at the Jersey Shore.

Have fun and keep your community out of harm’s way with the Ocean Hazards and Beach Safety: Sharks vs. Rip Currents program. Suitable for children in grades 3-12 and accessible for all, these are free, hour-long programs that can take place in person at your school/library/center or online in the comfort of your own home. They are only available for a limited time so reserve yours today!

For further details, download the flyer or visit the official webpage. For more information contact Mindy Voss, Education Specialist at [email protected] or 732-872-1300, extension 30 or use this convenient online reservation request form.