Shrink Wrap Plus Recycling Program

Plastic shrink wrap is a popular and cost effective material used by marinas and boat owners to protect boats and other marine vessels from harsh winter weather conditions, sunshine and other harmful elements.  It is, however, considered a serious waste disposal problem, as there are limited recycling options for the hundreds of tons of shrink wrap that are discarded each spring.

The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection partnered to develop the Shrink Wrap Plus Recycling Program.  This effort, initially made possible by grants from I BOAT NJ, aims to increase the number of participating marinas, boaters and municipalities statewide that collect and recycle this non-biodegradable material by supplying funding for shrink wrap collection.  In addition, the “Plus” of the program will target recycling other materials used widely in the marine industry, including zinc and aluminum anodes and the plastic drums used for storing antifreeze.  Below are links to information on recycling options and locations available to marinas and recreational boaters.  The recycling market has undergone some changes in the last few years and the information will be updated for the spring of 2022.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Mike Danko, at 732-872-1300 ext. 29 or

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