New Jersey Clean Vessel Act Program

vessel-washwater-system-profile_viking-yachtSince 1995, the New Jersey Clean Vessel Act Program has provided marina owners in New Jersey with an opportunity to apply for funds to install vessel pump-outs at their facilities to collect and dispose of vessel-generated sewage. With the assistance of the Extension Program there are now 177 pump-outs and nine (9) pump-out vessels serving boaters throughout the state. Marina owners can contact the Marine Trades Association of New Jersey at 732-292-1051 or for an application for funds to construct a pumpout facility. Boaters can visit for information on the location of pumpout facilities.  To report a pumpout that is not working contact the Marine Trades Association of New Jersey at 732-292-1051 or

Contact: Michael Danko

Vessel Wash Wastewater

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection required holders of the Basic Industrial Stormwater General Permit to eliminate the discharge of boat bottom washing
wastewater by March 1, 2010. Marinas have the option of capturing the wastewater and recycling it, hauling it away for proper disposal, request permission to connect to the
sanitary sewer where applicable, or ceasing the practice of washing vessels. Recent advances in bottom paint technology will also help marina operators manage their vessel
wash wastewater. The Agent will continue to follow advances in bottom paint and provide this information to the recreational boating industry as it becomes available. NJSGC’s
Marine Recreation Agent has gathered the following information on vessel wash wastewater systems, wastewater analysis and other pertinent information is available below. In
addition, the Agent will continue to provide technical assistance to marinas to help them develop and construct vessel wash wastewater systems. Contact Mike Danko at
732.872.1300 ext. 29 or for more information.