Community Supported Fishery

Community supported fishery (CSF) programs have been growing in popularity in coastal areas across the country as a way to strengthen connections between fishermen and local communities and to promote sustainable fishing as a viable economic livelihood. NJSGC Extension Program is working in collaboration with Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Ocean County to develop CSF programs in the state of New Jersey. Modeled after community supported agriculture (CSA) projects, CSF members purchase “shares” of fresh seafood directly from local fishermen, which they receive on a regular basis for an entire season. CSFs can result in increased access to local markets by commercial fishermen and improved relationships between fishermen and their surrounding communities.

The project will try to link seafood shares into existing CSAs to better integrate land- and sea-based local food movements throughout the state of New Jersey. The project will create a number of educational opportunities for shareholders and other community members, as they are invited to participate in workshops and tours of fishing docks and learn about catch methods, fisheries regulations, processing and preparing seafood, and fisheries management strategies. Not only do CSF projects have positive economic results for local fishermen, they also build communities, promote the sustainable production and consumption of seafood, and increase local access to fresh, healthy, sources of protein.

Contact: Lisa Calvo