Marina Industry Enhancement

Marinas face many challenges: rising operating costs, decreasing fish populations, a decline in participation in boating and fishing and a weak economy. To help address these issues, the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s I BOAT NJ Program recently awarded $600,000 to the New JErsey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) to conduct activities to enhance the marina industry and expand the New Jersey Clean Marina.

As a result of I BOAT NJ funding, the NJSGC has developed the Marina Industry Enhancement (MIE) Program. The MIE component of the award includes funding for activities such as providing technical assistance for vessel wash wastewater systems, funding for best management practices (BMPs), producing media events and other items.

The MIE Program benefits the boating industry both ecologically and economically:

  • Ecologically – encourages marinas to adopt voluntary practices that protect water quality and coastal resources that the industry depends on.
  • Economically – promotes marinas participating in the Clean Marina Program, provides funding and guidance for implementing best management practices (BMPs) and complying with regulations, and other incentives.

The MIE Program funds projects that help marinas maintain and achieve Clean Marina status and install vessel wash wastewater systems. We encourage projects that offer a unique and repeatable way to reduce environmental impacts associated with recreational boating. Allowable expenses may include products that reduce or prevent environmental impacts, environmental enhancements and other expenses that directly help your facility meet the requirements of the New Jersey Clean Marina Program.

To learn more about the MIE program, download our flyer here.