Staff Contacts


Augustine Anfuso
Fiscal Officer
732-872-1300 x26

Claire Antonucci
Executive Director
Director of Education
732-872-1300 x22

Lisa Aromando
Sea Grant Program Associate
732-872-1300 x10

Danica Bellini
Communications Specialist
732-872-1300 x18

Debbie Burd
Grants & Contracts
732-872-1300 x23

Diana Burich
K-12 Program Coordinator
Sea Grant Program Associate
732-872-1300 x16

Lisa Calvo
Shellfish Aquaculture Program Coordinator
856-785-0074 x4302

Carolyn Cornely
Accounting Assistant
732-872-1300 x32

Michael Danko
Assistant Director Extension
Marine Recreation Agent:
Fisheries and Boating
732-872-1300 x29

Sarah Mellor
Water Resources Agent


Dr. Thomas Herrington
Coastal Community Resilience Specialist

Rosemary Higgins
College & Special Programs Coordinator
732-872-1300 x19

Rory Joyce
Communications Associate
732-872-1300 x17

Deborah A. Quinn
Corporate Secretary
Office Manager
732-872-1300 x25

Dr. Jon Miller
Coastal Processes Specialist

Dr. Peter Rowe
Associate Director for Sea Grant Administration
Director of Research & Extension
732-872-1300 x31

Jody Sackett
Scout Program Coordinator
732-872-1300 x20

Melanie Tarling
Education Associate
732-872-1300 x13

Dr. Amy Williams
Coastal Ecosystems Extension Agent

Mindy Voss
Education Specialist
732-872-1300 x30