NJSGC’s “Favorite Beaches” poll for 2020 is now LIVE! Be sure to cast your vote before the July Fourth holiday.

NJSGC’s “Jersey Shore” photo contest for 2020 is now LIVE! Please visit our website for a full list of rules and regulations. Keep in mind that submissions should reflect “natural elements” of the Garden State’s beautiful coastline (we welcome both traditional and innovative approaches to this subject).

The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium advances knowledge and stewardship of New Jersey’s marine and coastal environment through research, education, and extension.

Providing for research that results in sound scientific data used to promote wise decision-making about New Jersey’s coastal and marine resources is at the heart of NJSGC’s mission.

The Education Program at the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium holds a wide variety of programs directed towards advancing greater understanding and stewardship of our state’s marine and coastal resources.

The primary goal of Extension is to provide useful information to people employed or interested in fields related to marine resources from fishermen, coastal engineers, maritime industry personnel, resource managers, and decision makers to the general public.

The Communications Department provides comprehensive services to the Consortium and its project partners by using all possible means and mediums including, print, computer/web-based technology, video, radio, and broadcast television.

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NJSGC’s ‘COASTodian’ Newsletter Now Available (Spring 2020)

May 28th, 2020

What you need to know heading into the Summer Season with NJSGC… view the latest edition of the “COASTodian” here.


Favorite Beaches survey
State of the Shore update
Jersey Shore photo contest
Virtual “Sharks vs. Rip Currents”
Ocean Fun Days update
Knauss Fellow diaries
Seabeach Amaranth feature
Jersey Shore Junior Science Symposium follow-up
#SeaCreaturesInYourNeighborhood campaign

Read more here.

“Small, but Mighty: Seabeach Amaranth Making a Comeback in New Jersey”

May 27th, 2020
More and more coastal towns in New Jersey are making space for seabeach amaranth – a small but mighty native plant – thanks to work New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium supported back in 2016. With a grant provided by NJSGC, the Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA) began implementing so-called “compromise” beach management plans. The compromise: towns set aside 10 percent of their beach for conservation – just a narrow strip in back where few people linger because the sand is too hot –  and they continue with “normal” beach business as usual on the remaining 90 percent (raking, driving, sand castles, etc). 

Doing so helps strengthen the coast by making space for a species that provides the foundation for natural dune-building to begin. Last year was a banner year for seabeach amaranth in New Jersey, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is now supporting an expansion of the PPA’s work with communities.

Learn more about the full story here (from “Conserving the Nature of the Northeast”).

Bridget Macdonald

Public Affairs Specialist
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
North Atlantic-Appalachian Region

Sea Creatures in Your Neighborhood – the Laughing Gull

May 22nd, 2020

The Laughing Gull (Leucophaeus atricilla) – please use this template for guidance.

“Memorial Day is the start of the beach season at the Jersey Shore, and no sound is more iconic to beachgoers than the call of the laughing gull (click on this link to hear one).  Like many vacationers, laughing gulls are regular visitors to NJ’s beaches, marshes, and back bays throughout the summer and fall.  These medium-sized birds are relatives to lesser black-backed and Bonaparte’s gulls, which they can be found in congregation with along coastal areas of NJ.  Adults have black heads, thin white eye crescents, and red bills which make them easy to identify.  If you notice a laughing gull extending and lowering its neck, calling, and then throwing its head backwards, it is displaying a threatening behavior and alerting other gulls to stay away. This is also an important reminder for all beachgoers to practice social distancing!”

Did you know…
– Laughing gulls are opportunistic feeders. They eat snails, insects, crabs, squid, garbage, and anything else they can get their beaks on – including the snacks  they steal from your beach bag!
– During the spring nesting season, male and female laughing gulls build their nest together where the female will lay 2-4 brown with black-speckled eggs.
– The oldest known laughing gull lived to be 22 years old!

Check out this cool video – and happy Memorial Day weekend!

For more information on NJSGC’s #SeaCreaturesInYourNeighborhood campaign, please click here.

Vote for your “Favorite Beach” NOW!

May 22nd, 2020

New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium Debuts “Favorite Beaches” Poll for Summer 2020 with 94.3 THE POINT!

Current times remain daunting and uncertain for most. But take a moment to close your eyes and just imagine – sandy toes, sun-kissed skin, gentle gusts of the warm, salty air… That’s the epitome of summers spent at the Jersey Shore. Despite the future’s unknown, one thing remains for sure. The beaches await our return – under whatever circumstances that might be.

NJSGC would like to keep the traditions going this Memorial Day Weekend with 94.3 “The Point.” And with that, we’re proud to debut the highly-anticipated “Favorite Beaches” poll for 2020!


Starting today, fans get to choose their favorite local “hotspots” from a list of amazing beaches located throughout the Jersey Shore’s four coastal counties – Atlantic, Cape May, Monmouth, and Ocean. NJSGC will announce the winners around the July Fourth holiday.

First established in 2008 as New Jersey’s “Top Ten Beaches,” the survey was initially designed to encourage friendly competition and camaraderie amongst popular Jersey Shore communities along the coast. Following Hurricane Sandy, the contest was rebranded “Favorite Beaches” to diversify results so that ALL areas of the Garden State’s gorgeous oceanfront are recognized, inspiring a refreshing sense of unity and support.

An overall “top beach” is still announced, with Ocean City remaining undefeated over the past several years. But will that impressive winning streak end in 2020? Asbury Park, Seaside Heights, Margate, and Brigantine have definitely proved fierce competitors over the past few years… You decide!

Be sure to share the “Favorite Beaches” poll with family and friends, and stay tuned for when NJSGC announces the official results of 2020 later this summer. 

NJSGC would like to send a huge thank you to 94.3 “The Point” for their continued support and enthusiasm!

Our mission at NJSGC is to promote the wise use of the State’s marine and coastal resources through research, education, and outreach. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates. Please contact NJSGC’s communications specialist for more information.

NJSGC Summer Day Camp Survey: Responses Needed

May 21st, 2020

For those interested in New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium’s marine science summer day camp program, we are asking for your participation in a brief survey to help determine the likelihood of this upcoming season.

NJSGC’s education staff is currently in the midst of planning during these unprecedented times, and any thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please take a moment to respond to these two questions. Also feel free to share this survey with other interested parties. The deadline to respond is Tuesday, May 26th, 2020.

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