Sea Grant Young Fishermen’s Career Development Projects Funding Opportunity Now Open

October 5th, 2022
Man sits with students and is showing them a fish. There is a pile of fish on the floor.

Bryan Fluech working with students on a shrimp boat during the McIntosh County Academy Commercial Fishing Class from Georgia Sea Grant.

Sea Grant announces a funding opportunity to develop and execute local, regional, and national programs, workshops, and services to enable fishermen to enter career paths, in support of the Young Fishermen’s Development Act and other initiatives.

The National Sea Grant Office anticipates between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 of federal funds will be available to support approximately 2-5 awards, and awards will require 25% non-federal match. To be eligible to receive a grant under this program a recipient shall be a collaborative State, Tribal, local, or regionally based network or partnership of public or private entities, which may include— (A) a Sea Grant Institution; (B) a Federal or State agency or a Tribal organization; (C) a community-based nongovernmental organization; (D) fishermen’s cooperatives or associations; (E) an institution of higher education (including an institution awarding an associate’s degree), or a foundation maintained by an institution of higher education; or (F) any other appropriate entity.

Projects may benefit from engaging with the planning frameworks developed by Sea Grant programs in FY21-23. More information can be found here.

Letters of intent are required in order to be eligible to submit a full proposal and are due December 1, 2022.