Support for Sea Grant

Dear Friends,

President Trump and the current administration have proposed budget cuts for 2017 and 2018 that would severely limit and in some cases, eliminate hundreds of federal programs that sustain and protect the environment. These cuts include the total elimination of Sea Grant.  Please consider contacting your elected officials to tell them you oppose these cuts.

A directory of New Jersey’s elected officials, including email addresses for their aides, is included in this message. If you decide to write, please direct your letters to local offices (not DC).  If you decide to call, it is best to call both the local and Washington D.C. offices.  If you decide to email, please write your message to your elected official but use the email address provided in the directory for his or her aide.

You can also locate your Senators and Representatives at or text your home address to 520-200-2223 and you will receive a message containing the names and phone numbers of your representatives.


To follow is a sample letter that may help you prepare your own message to our Senators and Representatives.  Thank you for your support! 

To the Honorable (insert your Senators or Representatives last name here):                                     :

I have recently learned that the President’s FY 2017 Security Supplemental would cut the National Sea Grant College Program (Sea Grant) by $30 million.  With the year already in progress, this would effectively close down the program as soon as this budget is passed, including all Sea Grant supported programs in New Jersey.  Even more troubling, this is in addition to the Administration’s proposal to zero out and terminate the Sea Grant program in the FY 2018 budget.  As one of your constituents, and as a beneficiary of the New Jersey Sea Grant Program, I respectfully urge you to support the continuation of the Sea Grant Program by rejecting both the FY2017 and FY 2018 proposed budgets.

(At this point, please consider writing about the program from your own personal standpoint, or delete this section before sending your message. You may want to talk about your experience with New Jersey Sea Grant, how you have benefitted from the program, how the state benefits from the program, how your institution, community, or students have benefitted, etc.  You may also use, delete, or modify the text to follow as you see fit.)

What would the end of Sea Grant mean for New Jersey?  Here are just a few consequences: 

  • Nearly 25,000 New Jersey schoolchildren and 800 teachers and youth leaders scheduled for STEM education programs with New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium would be turned away;
  • 55 educators, agents, specialists, and program administrators would lose the jobs they are dedicated to;
  • 12 research projects that are responding to the needs of New Jersey’s coast and coastal economy would not be completed. These projects support 42 scientists and 73 students at 8 different New Jersey facilities;                                            
  • Dozens of community-based projects would end or be greatly diminished. These include beach and dune projects, flood prevention and living shorelines initiatives, rain gardens and other green infrastructure projects that improve water quality and quantity, repair of pump-out facilities at marinas statewide, and assistance to New Jersey’s growing shellfish aquaculture industry;                                                                                                                                        
  • Another Fort Hancock historic structure, currently maintained and used by New Jersey Sea Grant as its headquarters, would be abandoned

On the national scale, last year the Sea Grant program helped generate an estimated $575 million in economic impacts; created or sustained nearly 21,000 jobs; provided 33 state-level programs and 534 communities with technical assistance on sustainable development practices; worked with about 1300 industry, local, state and regional partners; and supported the education and training of almost 2000 undergraduate and graduate students. The Sea Grant program achieved this with a Congressional appropriation in FY 2016 of $73 million, which, as mentioned previously, is leveraged with matching funds provided by states, universities, and other sources.

Please do not allow this important, highly effective program to be terminated.

I am grateful for your support of the Sea Grant Program including New Jersey Sea Grant thus far, and I thank you in advance for your continuing attention and support.


(Be sure to include your home address along with your signature)

Contact Information for NJ’s Senators, Representatives, and Aides

Click here for a full listing of NJ’s elected officials. Please note to get an email to a legislator, you would use the email addresses provided below for their aides.