“Sea Creatures in your Neighborhood” Scavenger Hunt

March 27th, 2020

Who’s up for a little marine-inspired scavenger hunt? Get ready for NJSGC’s “Sea Creatures in your Neighborhood” campaign! Here’s the plan.

  1. Draw and color a picture of NJSGC’s “animal of the week” (more information below).
  2. Include a “fun fact” about this creature.
  3. Hang your masterpiece in a front window, door, or yard. Snap a photo to post on social media with the hashtags #SeaCreaturesInYourNeighborhood, #NJSGC, and #SeaGrantSTEM. Be sure to include the name of your city or town. Feel free to send photos directly to NJSGC by contacting our Communications Specialist.
  4. On your next ride or walk around the neighborhood (while respecting the rules of social distancing), take pictures of any #SeaCreaturesInYourNeighborhood you notice. Or search and discover more virtually.
  5. Encourage friends and family to do the same and be sure to share your findings with us!
  6. Stay tuned for next week’s ”animal of the week” and repeat. Stay safe and have fun while learning about our favorite sea creatures found along the Jersey Shore!
  7. NJSGC will “spotlight” all submissions throughout Spring 2020.