CSAP Projects

The following are the Coastal Storm Awareness Program projects administered by NJSGC.

They Had the Facts,Why Didn’t They Act?: Understanding and Improving Public Response to NWS Coastal Flooding Forecasts

Principal Investigators: Rachel Hogan Carr, Dr. Burrell Montz, Gary Szatkowski, Lisa Auermuller, Dr. Susan Frankel, and Elizabeth Goldman.

Lead Institution: Nurture Nature Center.

Project Description: New Jersey coastal community residents receive information about storm risk from a variety of products and sources in different formats at different times prior to a storm event. The complexity and variety of information leads to confusion and could decrease people’s understanding of the full spectrum of risks they face. Exposure to a briefing document, which combines a variety of information and provides both graphical information and narrative explanations, will improve understanding by the public and emergency management officials regarding the intensity and range of possible outcomes from an impending coastal storm, and improve the likelihood of people taking evacuation order seriously or other proper warning response actions.

Click here to download the final report.

Project Contact: Rachel Hogan Carr • Nurture Nature Center, Easton, Pa. • Phone: 610-253-4432 • Email: rhogan@nurturenature.org

Best Practices in Coastal Storm Risk Communication

Principal Investigators: Dr. Cara Cuite, Dr. Karen O’Neill, Dr. William Hallman, Dr. David Robinson, Dr. Steven Decker, and Dr. Christopher Obropta.

Lead University: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

To assist emergency managers and other communicators deliver the most effective messages possible, this study will survey coastal residents to empirically test the effectiveness of a range of message variables including personalization, storm probability formats and social media messaging. This information will be the basis for developing a validated and tested best practices guide that will serve as an important tool for emergency managers to keep residents of their municipalities safe.

Project Contact: Dr. Cara Cuite • Department of Human Ecology • School of Environmental and Biological Sciences• Rutgers University • 55 Dudley Rd • New Brunswick, N.J. 08901 • Phone: 848-932-4544 • Email: cuite@aesop.rutgers.edu

Adolescent and Family Decision Making In Time of Disaster

Principal Investigators: Dr. Cristina Hoven, Dr. George Musa, and Dr. Lawrence Amsel.

Lead University: Columbia University.

Project Description: A major goal of this study will be to obtain knowledge that will facilitate the creation of educational materials, programs and procedures that improve disaster related family-based decision-making. Creating programs that help adults and adolescents identify their own decision-making and family negotiating styles, know their strengths and weaknesses, and appreciate how each individual impacts the family in disaster situations, can address important human-factor issues that may hinder public efforts to save lives in time of disaster.

Project Contact: Dr. Christina Hoven • 1051 Riverside Drive • Rm. 5218 • Unit 43 • New York, NY 10032 • Phone: 212-960-5688 • Email: ch42@columbia.edu