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Coastal Access Toolkit
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Common Law & Statutes
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Waterfront Users

As a user of waterfront land, what are my rights and responsibilities?

  • Your rights are defined by the Public Trust Doctrine to include, but are not necessarily limited to, recreational uses such as bathing, swimming, sunbathing, walking, and fishing.
  • In New Jersey, the public has access to tidal waters seaward of the mean high tide line. This access is further held to include linear/lateral access, perpendicular access and visual access.

How can I/my group gain/secure access to private waterfront land?

How can waterfront users increase coastal access and enhance access infrastructure such as parking, piers, moorings, docks and slips?

Where can I find coastal access points in New Jersey?

General/Beach Access

  • Map of coastal access points with information for beach-goers, surfers, fisherman, and other users (NJDEP Coastal Management Program).
  • New Jersey Beach Guide with information on beaches and their resources and fees (NJ Department of the Public Advocate).
  • OASIS NYC- Open Accessible Information System of community maps that include public access sites to the New York/New Jersey Harbor

Boat Access

Fishing Access

Other Access

Where can I find more information?