Spat relocated to Delaware Bay conservation area

September 16th, 2014

Hundreds of pounds of spat, or baby oysters were taken Sunday from the Haskin Shellfish Laboratory where they had been growing in mud flats and relocated to artificial reefs along the Delaware Bay shore.

The spat had been growing on the surface of shell-filled mesh bags since the early summer near the Rutgers University Haskin Shellfish Laboratory’s Cape Shore facility in Cape May County as part of Project PORTS: Promoting Oyster Restoration Through Schools, or PORTS.  The bags were relocated by barge to a 5-acre reef located at the Gandy’s Beach Oyster Restoration and Enhancement Area in the Delaware Bay off Cumberland County. Led by Lisa Calvo, Shellfish Aquaculture Coordinator for Rutgers University and the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium, Project PORTS has seeded more than 20 million oysters in conservation sites like Gandy’s Beach throughout the Delaware Bay since it began in 2007.

Since 2007, Rutgers has seeded more than 20 million oysters in conservation sites throughout the Delaware Bay through Project: PORTS.

“Scientific assessments indicate these restoration efforts have been successful,” said Jenny Paterno, a Rutgers graduate student examining the fish activity in the restoration areas and nearby parts of the bay. “A viable multi-generational oyster population, approaching natural oyster abundances, has been established in an area that was previously barren.”

Oyster populations have been decimated in many areas due to disease and overfishing. “Advancing Eastern Oyster Aquaculture through Marker-Assisted Selection” is one of New Jersey Sea Grant’s funded research projects for 2014-16. Dr. Ximing Gou, and his team at the Haskin Laboratory, are attempting to breed oysters with specific genetic markers that will assist the species in fighting diseases. Read More …

NJSGC Resilience Research RFP 2014

August 18th, 2014

The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) Resilience Research RFP is now available and can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here.  The NJSGC is one of 34 state Sea Grant Programs within the National Sea Grant College Program. The National Program is housed within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Department of Commerce. Sea Grant addresses marine issues and coastal sustainability in the context of wise resource use and management. In New Jersey, we are interested in balancing economic growth with resource stewardship to sustain the state’s $80+ billion coastal economy. NJSGC fulfills its mission to promote the sustainable use of New Jersey’s coastal and marine resources through relevant research and student training, educational excellence, and rapid dissemination of acquired knowledge. NJSGC is a statewide program bringing together the best talent within the region’s member colleges and universities without regard to academic affiliation.

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Princeton Student Lisa McManus Awarded NMFS / Sea Grant Population and Ecosystem Dynamics Fellowship

August 12th, 2014

The Graduate Fisheries Fellowship Program administered through NOAA’s National Sea Grant College Program and National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) awards at least two new PhD fellowships each year to students who are interested in careers related to marine ecosystem and population dynamics, with a focus on modeling and managing systems of living marine resources. This year, Princeton University PhD student Lisa McManus has been awarded a NMFS-Sea Grant Population and Ecosystem Dynamics Graduate Fisheries Fellowship to pursue research on her project: Assessing the impacts of connectivity on coral reef metacommunity dynamics in the Coral Triangle. Princeton University is a member institution of the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium who manages Ms. McManus’ fellowship award.

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Dates Announced for Boy Scout Individual Enrollment Classes

August 8th, 2014

You can now register for two Boy Scout Individual Enrollment classes: Oceanography and Environmental Science. We offer these classes once in the fall and once in the spring.  It is for individual scouts (not whole troops) who wish to study Oceanography or Environmental Science.

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Undersea Imaging Workshop Report Now Available

July 21st, 2014

A workshop on undersea imaging took place on January 14-15, 2014, hosted by the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) and the NOAA Fisheries James J. Howard Marine Science Laboratory on Sandy Hook, which evaluated the strengths and limits of photographic, videographic and direct observations, as well as associated platforms, for seafloor imaging as part of a benthic monitoring strategy. The workshop brought together government and academic scientists and engineers to discuss the need for cost effective and comprehensive characterization of offshore macrobenthic and demersal communities and habitats in the Northeast Large Marine Ecosystem. A downloadable copy of the report is available here.

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NJSGC Researcher Published In Journal of Extreme Events for Study on Economic Vulnerability to Climate Change in Coastal New Jersey

July 21st, 2014

An article based on Dr. Robin Leichenko’s New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC)-funded research project, Economic Vulnerability to Climate Change in Coastal New Jersey: A Stakeholder-Based Assessment, was recently published in the premier issue of the Journal of Extreme Events, published by World Scientific. The project is investigating economic vulnerabilities to climate extremes and climate change in coastal New Jersey before and after Superstorm Sandy and uses a stakeholder-based approach to identify key climate-related economic stresses, risks, and vulnerabilities.

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Harbor Literacy Points Education Guide Now Available

July 14th, 2014

Together with a team of more than 50 educators working as the Harbor Education Task Force, Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance and NJ Sea Grant is proud to present Harbor Literacy Points for Educators, Students, and the Public. Designed to integrate the study of harbors, rivers, and estuaries into the everyday curriculum of elementary, middle, and high school students, Harbor Literacy Points outlines key topics, learning opportunities, and resources offered by our proximity to the waters of New York and New Jersey. Focusing on watersheds, estuaries, marine ecosystems, water quality, and harbor history, Harbor Literacy Points aims to increase interactive learning with urban waterways.

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Summer 2014 COASTodian Issue Is Out!

July 7th, 2014

The COASTodian summer ’14 issue is now available for online viewing or download. The COASTodian is the NJSGC’s quarterly newsletter publication that covers news and noteworthy updates on our research, education, extension, and communications efforts.

This issue includes information on a recent Undersea Habitat Imaging Workshop, our 2014  State of the Shore Media Event and Rain Barrel Art Project, Stew Tweed Fisheries Scholarship recipient announcements, the success of an oyster co-op  extension agent Lisa Calvo has been facilitating, and more. Read or download the issue here.

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Oyster Co-Op Receives Grant for Refrigerated Van to Promote Long Term Sustainability of Shellfish Farms

July 3rd, 2014

The Cape May Oyster Cooperative, a newly established cooperative comprised of six founding member oyster farms, has received funds from USDA’s Rural Business Enterprise to purchase a refrigerated van, which will ensure the safe delivery of product from field to packing facility and enable the integration of direct delivery to local food markets.  Lisa Calvo, extension agent for the NJSGC, is the Aquaculture Program Coordinator at Rutgers University’s Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory and has been a key resource in guiding the co-op initiative.

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Rain Barrel Art Project To Appear at Shore Festivals and Events

June 12th, 2014

In conjunction with this year’s Top Ten Beaches Survey, a unique and educational tie-in was launched: the Rain Barrel Art Project. In an effort to create public awareness around the use of rain barrels and the ways in which they help conserve water, we selected twelve New Jersey artists to paint a barrel with an iconic Jersey Shore scene. The result was a beautiful, creative, and stunning display. View the rain barrels here.  Now we’re rolling them out at shore area events and festivals.

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