New CSAP Publications

January 15th, 2019

The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium, in association with Connecticut Sea Grant and New York Sea Grant, supported the release of several new journal articles through the Coastal Storm Awareness Program (CSAP):

Efficacy and Authority of the Message Sender During Emergency Evacuations: A Mixed Methods Study (Elisabeth J. Ploran, Mary Anne Trasciatti, E. Christa Farmer)

Plans and Prospects for Coastal Flooding in Four Communities Affected by Sandy (Gabrielle Wong-Parodi, Baruch Fischhoff, Ben Strauss)

Improving Coastal Storm Evacuation Messages (Cara L. Cuite, Rachel L. Shwom, William K. Hallman, Rebecca E. Morss, Julie L. Demuth)

Motivating Action under Uncertain Conditions: Enhancing Emergency Briefings during Coastal Storms (Rachel Hogan Carr, Burrell Montz, Kathryn Semmens, Keri Maxfield, Stephanie Hoekstra, Elizabeth Goldman)