MAST Students Enhance New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium’s Digital Experience

July 23rd, 2018

A group of students from the Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) graduating class of 2018 focused their Senior Capstone Project on creating informational “how to” videos for New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium. These short and easy-to-follow tutorials were specifically designed for NJSGC’s education program, but are an extremely useful tool for anyone interested in learning more about general marine science topics including beach dunes, seining, and common mollusks.

The three students – Joseph Chiusano, Griffin Davis, and Michael Dunn – were recognized during the MAST graduation ceremony in June and awarded for their work on this project. Given such success, NJSGC will continue mentoring MAST upperclassmen now interested in continuing this video project. The goal is to build a diverse collection of digital content specific to the Sea Grant brand, while fostering interest in further study of science and technology.

Mr. Chiusano created a video on seining, and he will be studying Computer Information Systems at the University of South Carolina.

Mr. Davis created a video on common mollusks, and he will be studying Electrical Engineering at Villanova University.

Mr. Dunn created a video on beach dunes, and he will be studying Computer Science at Rutgers University.

The clips first debuted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to extremely positive reviews and feedback. The videos are now available to watch on our website.

NJSGC would like to collectively thank these students for their hard work and ongoing dedication to this project, and we wish them the best of luck in college and beyond!