Celebrate National American Indian Heritage Month with NJSGC this November!

October 2nd, 2018

Throughout November, the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium offers both full and half-day outdoor programs focused on the historic coastal lifestyle of New Jersey’s natives, the Lenape people.  “Lenape and the Jersey Shore” and “Native Ways” are both suitable for students in Grades 2nd -6th.

These “hands-on” programs involve students in problem solving and teamwork through an exploration of Sandy Hook’s marine environment from the perspective of the native people who once lived there. By focusing on coastal community life, students will gain insight into the Lenape lifestyle, organization, and traditions.

Through discussion and instruction your NJSGC Instructor will cover the following key concepts during your Lenape and The Jersey Shore program:

  • History of the Lenape People
  • Geographic orientation
  • Language and lore
  • Food and tools
  • Gender roles

Students will participate in some or all of the following activities:

  • Traditional fishing techniques (boots, nets and buckets supplied by NJSGC)
  • Plant and animal identification
  • Food preparation (mortar and pestle demonstration and activity)
  • Fire by friction activity
  • Cord braiding necklace craft
  • Clam shell drilling activity
  • Hunting techniques
  • Fishing using a weir
  • Hoop and spear game
  • Firewood game

Please contact NJSGC’s Education Associate Melanie Tarling at 732-872-1300 x13 for more information!